Research Theme

As you build individual pages describing your research projects, consider creating a “research theme” page, which introduces the subject area of your lab to a lay-person.



Research theme pages are created automatically whenever a category is created in the normal page editor. They can also be created individually within the admin menu at /wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=research-theme.

You can include a research theme page within the site’s main navigation by using the standard WordPress menu interface, either at /wp-admin/menus.php or within the customizer at /wp-admin/customize.php

Each research theme can be accompanied by a small description and a featured image. Edit the term in the taxonomy settings page to expose the additional content areas.


Research themes are terms that can group research project and publication pages together. Whenever you associate a research project or an individual publication with a research theme term, the associated project or publication shows up on the bottom of the theme page automatically.